Swedish sculptor and designer Agneta Gynning, who lives in Malmö, Sweden, will have a new exhibition from the 25th of March until the 28th of March. This exhibtion will be held at the Saltsjöbaden Hotel, which was founded 110 years ago in Ystad, in the south of Sweden by the Baltic Sea. The town of Ystad in Österlen is the most beautiful part of the southern coast of Skåne, Sweden's souternmost  province. In this exhibition, entitled 'Gynning X2', the multi-faceted Agneta, together with her daughter Carolina Gynning, will showcase paintings by Carolina, photographs, sculptures, designs and jewellery. Agneta often exhibits her work alongside the work of her daughter Carolina, a famous painter and designer. From October 8th 2016 to January 2017, Agneta and Carolina will have a major exhibition at Kulturen in Lund, Artworks created by the uncle of Agneta , Lars Gynning, will be exhibited at the same time. Lars Gynning was a famous artist who made tapestries. He died in 2003 and his works are found in many museums and institutions all over the world. Lars Gynning studied with Otte Sköld, Isaac Grünewald and André Lhôte in Paris.

Reflections, by Agneta Gynning. 

Agneta Gynning is a renowned artist who works with bronze, marble and silicone rubber and her art succeeds in fusing both classical and modern influences. It is inspired by the subconscious and is full of movement; the lines she creates are elegant, graceful and transmit a feeling of life and soul, with a free spirit that seems to inhabit the space both within and around her artworks.       


Agneta Gynning's studio is located in Limhamn in the district of Malmö, and every year she visits Pietrasanta in Italy, where she works with stone. Agneta explains, "To make my rubber sculptures, I work with Helsingborg's Gummifabrik. I had my first exhibition in 1995 and my work has now been exhibited all over Scandinavia as well as in southern Europe, the USA and China." Agneta Gynning showcased her work in December 2015 in the Spectrum Hall at Art Miami, the leading international contemporary and modern art fair that takes place each December during Miami's art week in Florida, the USA. Her sculptures can be admired in public areas as well as in private collections. 


Agneta Gynning is a natural and intuitive sculptor, who first creates a sculpture in her head, by visualising it and then just starts making it. "Sometimes I take a walk by the sea and suddenly I have a picture in my head that I want to create. Then I make a sketch of the image so that I can remember it, but more often than not, I simply work from the idea that I see in front of me. "For me, it is also important to find new materials to work with," she explains. "They can give a new dimension to the same expresson. I love bronze because it's a beautiful and classical material. I also love stone because it's a challenge for me to be as patient as you need to be in order to create something from it. It is also very interesting to look at what needs to be taken away instead of built on. It gives you a different perspective."




Carolina Gynning -  A peace-loving painter and designer figthing against agression and cancer 

Growing up in a creative household, Carolina Gynning was never far  from the easel and inspiration was always nearby: Carolina's mother Agneta and Agneta's uncle Lars Gynning are both renowned and talented artists. Carolina Gynning's signature style is very colourful portraits and personal impressions from her own life. The motifs are often women she meets or women living inside her. A common feature of her works is that they evoke powerful emotions and have a lasting effect on the audience. Carolina Gynning also participated in the famous GemlucArt Competition in Monaco. The Gemluc Association consists of a Monaco Group of Companies that fight cancer. The Gemluc Association organises the international Contemporary Art Competition called GemlucArt under the patronage of HRH Princess of Hanover every year.       
Fighting for a Non-Violent world
In 2014 Carolina Gynning became an ambassador for Non Violence and painted one of Carl Fredrik Reuterwärd's world-famous guns (see photo on the left). Carolina Gynning is a member of the NVP (Non-Violence Project Foundation), whose mission is to inspire, engage and motivate young people to understand how to solve conflicts without resorting to violence. In one of their projects, the NVP invited famous artists to interpret their famous revolver logo. Carolina's interpretation was presented at the Fly Free for Peace exhibition in Malmö. Besides painting, Carolina also designs jewellery and is an interior designer for her own succesful company. Carolina Gynning is also the author of several books.
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