The architectural office "Peter Stasek Architects - Corporate Architecture" comprise an international team of architects, interior designers, lighting designers and artists in the greater Frankfurt area, Germany, Amsterdam and New York. The ultimate ambition of this team is the achievement of unmistakable architectural creations, which under the sign of corporate architecture are able to stengthen the client's firm profile (under fulfillment of all functional and technological requirements). The most important clients of Peter Stasek Architects, comprise multinational groups from the fields of new business developments, biotechnology and the lighting  industry, operators of healthcare facilities, shops, shoppings malls and others. The architectural projects by Peter Stasek have globally been presentend on numerous architectural and design platforms and published by international publishing houses. Peter Stasek Architects is officially invited to participate at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2014, directed by  Rem Koolhaas, which runs from 7 June until 23 November 2014.  
Photo above:  Scale model for the main exhibition hall of The Light Design Centre Speyer. Hier werden die wichtigsten Ideen gezeigt: die fließende Galerieform mit der hängende Twister-Skulptur im zentralen Luftraum und die Theke aus verrostetem Stahl, welche nur einseitg befestigt ist und somit den Eindruk einer Sogwirkung des Twisters erwecken soll.     


"Das Lichtcenter" (The Light Centre) in the German city of Speyer, in the Frankfurt Area, which opened in 2011, is designed by the team of Peter Stasek Architects, who has a number of lighting experts in their midst. The total area of the Light Design Centre Speyer, situated in an old factory building with a loft character, is about 300 sqm. It comprises a main exihibtion room, almost 6 m high, and an integrated gallery, an office wing, an entrance hall with reception and conference functions, as well as sanitary facilities. The requirements of the client were to design an ultramodern Light Centre, with a showroom, part of which was to be an exhibition space or gallery, consulting areas, and meeting places. To be able to implement all new light trends, technologies and light designs, a frame of interior design synergy effects was created. Its sophisticated structure was to build the backbone of the entire light exhibtion, but at 
the same timed it should never overshadow
the priority of the lighting objects to be exhibited.               

                                                                                                                                             Architect Peter Stasek

The Speyer Light Design Centre is acknowledged as the centre of light knowledge, applications and innovations, where both individuals, architects, designers and business consultants often go to get a professional lighting advice. Lighting creates ambience, influences emotions and highlights architecture. The Light Design Centre Speyer implements lighting concepts that communicate a feeling of well-being - individually coordinated nad perfectly tailored to the situationand wishes of its clients. Irrespective of whetherr thery are private persons looking for luminaires for thier houseor flat or whether they are architects searching for consultation in lighting solutions. It is also a well-known meeting point fopr leading international manufacturers, who come to Speyer either to attend interesting lectures, or to get the advice thery need. At the Light Desdign Centre Speyer the consultants plan and visualise all imaginable indoor and outdoor application areas with state-of-the-art software tools right down to photorealistic simulation.    
Photo left: Hauptausstellungsraum des Lichtcenters, mit  Theke und Twister. Oberhalb der Theke beginnt die Kurve des Twisters. Gesamtlänge des Twisters beträgt 22 Meter. The design of the Peter Stasek Team won the bronze A'Design Award, an international competition for designers, innovators and companies, in Italy (Como).   

Aus einen der anspruchsvollsten Innenausbauteilen innerhalb des Projektes Lichtcenter Speyer, wurden vom Anfang an die Ausbildung des Twisters angesehen, einer im zentralen Luftraum freihängenden Skulptur in Spiralform. Für die Befestigung dieser Skulptur wurde in der Zusammenarbeit zxwischen dem Architekt und der ausführende Firma eine Sonderlösung entwickelt. Die Aufhänguing besteht somit aus verstärkten Wasserleitungsrohren, welche zwischen den CD Profilen duirchgehend platziert sind.  Auf diese Art bleibt die Aufhängung innerhalb der tragende Konstruktion beweglich. The twister is measnt to be a kind of natural phenomenon with invislbe forces, which make nearly eveything float and which, at the same time, cause new aesthetics for spiral sailing. The maelstrom  of the twister, a polarizing form,  magically draws the visitor to the middle of the exhibition and makes him, together with all the high-end light objects, completely forget the existing gravity. The orgasnically shaped 3D twister sculpture, which is floating in the air, marks the centre of the showroom together with the reception desk made from rusted steel. Both adapt themselves to the spiral upwards movement of the twister.           

                                                                                                                                              Stairway to the gallery 

The mergence of the colour and light concept is an other characteristic feature of the interior d
esign of the Light Centre Speyer. The entire colour range of the floor coverings, walls, ceilings and the furniture is based on the utilisation of non-colours. Only shades of white, anthracite and gray were applied enabling all colour accents within the showroom to be generated only by the light itself or by the surface design of the light objects. The main lighting manufacturers and designers represented at the Speyer Lighting Centre are: Artemide, Nimbus, Occhio, Delta Light, Tobias Grau, Molto Luce, Ingo Maurer, Serien-Lighting, Agua Creation, Catellani & Smith, Vibia and Florian Schultz.   























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