Culture for Friends is an international, interactive e-magazine produced by Euro Business Translations (EBT) in the Netherlands, and distributed to more than 3000 organisations and individuals worldwide. Copy for future issues of the newsletter, with photo material, is welcome. Video clips can be inserted. Culture for Friends is produced to highlight the cultural and creative activities of companies and individuals, and new revolutionary trends. You can support us by becoming a Friend of our magazine at a cost of EUR 50.- a year. By doing so you will not just be displaying solidarity with the arts and cultural exchange, but at the same time you will be helping a good cause, as Culture or Friends will be donating 10% of your contribution to an organisation or group of individuals concerned with making the world a better place by social and cultural means. For 2015, the charitable body chosen by Culture for Friends will be Médecins sans frontières (Doctors Without Borders), a worldwide organisation that often performs outstanding work in emergency situations in disaster areas. We would greatly welcome your contribution, which may be transferred to account number NL05RABO0308398467.