LIGHT combines traditional and modern dance LeineRoebana introduces spectacular dance poem


LIGHT is a meandering dance poem, performed by a heterogeneous group of dancers, singers and musicians who all sing, dance and make music. It showcases a world in which cultural differences are not an obstacle, but instead a prerequisite for creation and communication. The dialogue between different cultures, languages, art forms and moods creates a maelstrom of new ideas. The new compostion by Iwan Gunawan and the dance from LeineRoebana create an irresistible structure, in which different languages and a wide range of elements from Asian and European cultures are effortlessly intertwined.  Light reveals the harmony locked up inside the cacophonic violence in this happy Babylon. 

The dance company LeineRoebana is celebrating its 25th anniverrsary this year and Chassé Theatre in Breda is celebrating its 20th birthday. Both have been faithful to eacxh other for many years. This intimate partnership really pays off in the large-scale, international performance LIGHT, produced especially for the occasion. The choreographers Harijono Roebana and Andrea Leine once again join forces with composer Iwan Gunawan, his prized gamelan ensemble Kyai Fatahillah and a variety of Indonesian and Western dancers. The Indonesian soprano Bernadeta Astari and the Uzbekistani mezzo soprano and harpist  Ekatarina Levental also join the multi-disciplinary and international team. With a touch of informality for which the two choreographers are renowned, Light combines tradition and modernity, song and dance, East and West, electronica and unadulterated gamelan to create a unique, contemporary theatrical form. This is perfectly suited for Gunawan, who created a new spectrum of sounds for the occasion that comes as a suprise to European and Indonesian ears alike. LIGHT provides just how immersive dance and music can be, how evocative lyrics and song can be, but above all it reveals the scope of a unique music and movement idiom.                       


Successor to the dance hit Ghost Track
In 2010, Leine Roebana, together with composer Iwan Gunawan, produced Ghost Track, which left its mark all over the world and can still be seen on international stages today. Never before have Indonesian and Western cultures been combined in such a surprising, yet harmonious way. The golden team from Ghost Track is back with LIGHT, the long-awaited, unique production that combines song, dance, music and text in an exciting, anarchistic manner.    

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LIGHT will be performed on: 

19, 20 and 21 May, Chassé TheaterBreda  
25 May, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam 


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